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So this year has been odd. Normally I feel like I don’t have enough time to put down my thoughts but lately I feel like I don’t have any thoughts to write down. It is so odd for me… sooooo I decided to just give an opinion here that a few people that know me understand my strong feelings…

leggings are not pants

I just have to express my feelings about this new “trend”. It is one of the most frustrating things that I have to deal with! I am sorry but leggings in no shape or form should ever be worn without something over them in some way. The current thing I have noticed is the “athletic” look that the wearers are going for. To my understanding, there is no way that leggings look athletic? Especially if the person who is wearing them is not exactly the most fit person. I also know that college students are going for the laid back look but honestly it just looks like you forgot pants…or you lost them? I don’t know but its just wrong.

Now you are probably thinkin, “you are just hating cuz you can’t pull them off.” No, no thats not it at all, actually my butt is not in bad shape at all I just have modesty. I like to leave something to the imagination, which this peace of clothing doesn’t really do much of. The thing is when girls wear these without something over them they tend to hug and show every nook and cranny of the body. Fellow females, this is not flattering and the fact someone didn’t tell you that is a little messed up. Uh, its just wrong, sideways and awkward…The worst I have seen lately…the see-through leggings or oh oh oh the worst, the white leggings! ah! I don’t want to see that much! Only the sketch-ball guys who SHAMELESSLY check the girls out are enjoying that. Girls? Do you really want to present yourself that way and give the guys a free viewing? Do you have no respect for yourselves? None, at all? I will just not understand why.

Now, leggings are not totally useless. I do think they have a purpose in this world. Don’t through them away just yet, maybe try a few of these…

  1. Under athletic shorts: How about wearing a cute pair of shorts, that might even normally be a little too short, over top of them? You could even get a little color crazy. For example, you could wear a cute grey pair of shorts with a nice dark pair of pink leggings. It is a little eighties but also the athletic look you are going for! You can even ACTUALLY workout in that look.
  2. Under a cute short dress: You know lately the style of dresses that our being sold are quite short. I know for a fact that my hiney is not covered as well as I would like and to make some one feel a little more comfortable why not throw on a pair of leggings that cute new dress you picked up. The thing is you have to be  careful about that, you don’t want awkward butt cheek hanging out there either.
  3. Under shredded blue jeans: I noticed once a girl was putting her leggings to good use. Her jeans looked a little worn out and she worn them underneath to keep fill in the holes. I have actually considered that a few times, but my jeans don’t have enough holes in them…yet.
  4. Under a long tunic/shirt: You know you have that long shirt that doesn’t quite look right with any pair of pants you have because it drops below the butt so try it with leggings. They are not quite pants but they make the shirt look a little less bulky.
  5. Use them to dress up a look: This about how you want dress up a look. Leggings can dress up a longer dress or skirt to make more of a night look. Throw on a pair of hills and you are good to go.
  6. Now last but not least…maybe a little far fetched…Wear them for a costume: Everyone wants to play a super hero! Superman, Wonderwoman. They could work in multiple ways and for all people! Pull on your leggings and add a colored pair of underwear and you have a super hero costume. You could go as one of the popular ones or even make up your own! Get creative!

Alright, enough ranting about what totally disturbs me. haha. Please Please Please have respect for yourselves ladies! Wear some pants!


Is this PR? Newspring (5)

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Recently, Newspring Church has had some trying to put their name in a bad light and a few things went a little unruly in the church. In order to reset the order and make sure not to damage their reputation of being straight forward about what is going on at all times in their church they sent links to their website for this announcement.

I think this is a great example of PR and semi-crisis communication.

To tell a long story short, a man, who had been writing negative blogs about Newspring already, was working to adopt a child with his wife. During the adoption process the mother of the child had a choice between them and another couple who happen to go to newspring. The mother chose the newspring couple. He accusing Newspring of influencing the mother of the child to give the child to their couple. He is now asking for 1.5 million and a chance to come on stage whenever he wants and denounce Christ or 3 million to keep all of this from the media. Of course Newspring does not believe they have done anything wrong so they are not responding to this man with money. I think this announce is a great example of PR because they are informing their public, which is the church body. They actually keep constant communication with the church body through the blog where they posted this announcement.


Social Media: How to Engage Employees

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According to this weeks presentation given at the IABC Social Media states that communication is one of the most important factors to having happy, hard working employees and this same presentation points out that social media could help in getting employees engaged in the conversation.

So where do companies start. Well I think it was best said on the The Employee Factor blog. At the same time they also made a great point about how this will help. On their blog they encourage companies to take small steps, which is brilliant. Don’t jump in blindly to something that you don’t know much about if anything at all. They recommend starting with “intranet 2.0” which consists of wikis, blogs, social network tools. By starting with this it can get the employees educated and accustomed to what social networking is. If used properly it can help with collaboration and allow for knowledge that would be looked over or not mentioned because of the lack of communication to be brought to light. It allows for organization as well. Everything is all in the same place. There is no confusion of where the research (or whatever) is placed because it would be attached there. If there was a discusion with a chat program it can be brought back up here.

There is one thing though. I do think social networking, such as twitter can be taken too far in the workplace. I think that if overused it can be distractiong and a  little annoying. To finish up this thought and to emphasize what I mean by that I would like to end with this video. I think this video portrays the wrong way to use a social network and it shows this example in the workplace. Love this video.

Public Relations: Diverse Employees

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While studying the PR Practitioner’s role in the work place I discovered that one of the major roles they must take is the job of meeting all the diverse needs of the employers in a company. One company has already taken that role seriously. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has developed a workplace diversity plan. This instantly fascinated me as I saw this. It is the first time that I saw implementation of a workplace diversity plan. I know many times we try to made advertisements look certain way and the appearance of the company seem diverse.

Straight from the website:

The principles of workplace diversity, consistent with the Tribunal’s Charter, are to:

  • treat each other with respect and dignity;
  • provide a safe, secure and healthy workplace;
  • make decisions genuinely based on equity and fairness;
  • value the diversity of people; and
  • take appropriate action to eliminate discrimination.

I think this defines what the PR practitioner should work out in the company. This should be their goal in the area of diversity. There should be an encouragement to treat each other, despite their differences, with respect and dignity. After that, the practitioner should make the workplace a safe for a multitude of people. The practitioner should also make sure that the decisions he/she makes is equal and fair. In the same sense don’t just make decisions because you know that you have to make diverse ones but choose people for things because of the value of their diversity and what their differences could do for the company.

To complete all of that, there is one that all PR practitioners need to be aware and eliminate if necessary and that is discrimination. On the AllBusiness:A D&B Company website there is an article that discusses what discrimination is and what actions an employee can take if they feel like they are being discriminated against including the statute of limitations. This is a great website to inform anyone who thinks they are being discriminated in anyway in the workplace. I really learned a lot from this website despite that I do not believe I have ever been discriminated against. He was really intriguing to find out that there was a lot that a person could to act against something like that.

PR Practitioners and Corporate Social Responsibility

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There is one question I have recently been asked:

What role does public relations practitioners take in corporate social responsibilty?

(To be honest I did not know at first so I had to do a little bit of reading.)

According to this research paper a PR practitioner’s role is to provide qualitative evaluation of social trends which help the practioner develop policies leading to a corporate social response. Bernays himself said, “Public relations is the practice of social responsibility. It holds the key to America’s future.” I agree that this is the kind of role, if chosen by the practitioner, that can be taken in corporate social responsibility.

There is no reason that a PR practitioner shouldn’t take this role because their primary focus is reputation and for a company to take corporate social responsibility as discussed in this article. So, IF the PR takes this role they take on the responsibility of figuring out what their corporation must consider in the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment in all aspects of their operations. The practitioner does the work that determines what factors that connect the corporation to each of these and the impacts of each of these and how the corporation can change the impact if negative to good. The practitioner can then incorporate a plan to encourage this social responsibility. After this, if successful, the PR practitioner actual improves their companies public relations.

If that makes sense at all, thats all I have to say.

Starbucks and Corporate Social Responsibility

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When trying to find a company that practices good corporate social responsibility I quickly came upon Julio Viskovich’s article about Starbucks.

Starbucks creates a unique opportunity for both its employees and its customers. Starbucks also has been recognized as one of the 100 ethically run companies in America.

Starbucks is so intent on keeping this apart of their corporation that they release a corporate social responsibility report each year. An example from a few years back can be found here. They strive to make sure their customers, employees, and the society around them are not negatively affected by any of their actions.

Despite these actions, Starbucks still seems to deal with poor rumors and bad PR. In their defense Starbucks has in their yearly reports a place where they debunk all rumors. They want to make sure that people know they are just rumors and nothing more.

Starbucks as a company wants to make sure that their employees are well taken care of. They pay more for their health plans than they do for their supplies for the coffee. They also make a point to create a great experience for their costumers. They make sure customer service is supreme and the product it at its best at all times. They are working on also the communities from which they receive their coffee beans. They hope to be able to invest in the farmers and help them to be able to improve their profits and their quality of living. Starbucks is also a part of the big “Go Green” movement. They have made sure that their cups are recyclable and that none of their practices harm the earth.

I think this is the best example of corporate social responsibility. Their company works hard to make sure that they have social responsibility while running their corporation.

Is this PR? Carolina First Saturday Market (4)

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I think the Carolina First Saturday Market is an interesting example of PR for the upstate farm communities.

Here on this website is the details but basically, Carolina First Bank has held a farmer’s market every Saturday for most of the summer and partly in the fall. The reason why they do this is to encourage the purchase of area goods instead of importing them from elsewhere.

I think this is PR for the bank because they are doing a good thing by encouraging South Carolina products and I think it is great for those farmers who attend because they get a chance to promote the goods they have.

It is such a great way of putting money back into the community especially in times like these. We have so many farms and family businesses going under why not find a way to support the communities we live in.